Rudaw in English

  1. $8 billion in trade passes through Kurdistan-Iran borders
  2. Iran, Kurds 'have relations dating back centuries,' said Iran's FM
  3. Barzani hailed French President Emmanuel Macron for maintaining relations with the Kurdistan Region
  4. "Undoubtedly, flights from Sulaimani to Turkey's cities will resume by the end of this month
  5. Talks were delayed by a dispute over the arrest of party members
  6. "So far there have not been any official talks or meetings"
  7. “Embezzlement, corruption, and fraud have become a dangerous triangle”
  8. The Iraqi government declared the defeat of ISIS in Iraq in December 2017
  9. Violations against journalists are high, second year in a row
  10. Erbil security denied they are holding any persons on 'political' grounds
  11. A large number left school in order to work
  12. Qushtapa Camp is home to around 7,900 people
  13. PUK-tied security forces have cracked down on PKK-linked party
  14. PUK security have arrested tens of pro-PKK activists
  15. "We have received just one gallon of oil in the past six months
  16. "Until the court rules about the issue, the Kurdistan flag will only be raised over the politburo and the main office
  17. PUK has been given a deadline of noon on Friday to lower the flag
  18. “The loss of the environment is the loss of life,”
  19. “They asked for President Barzani to relay the voice and oppression of the Kurdish nation
  20. They want to rid the city of its negative reputation
  21. “But unfortunately we are not together," said PUK member of relations with KDP
  22. The project will cost nearly 1 trillion dinar
  23. "Kirkuk proved it is safe and stable under the flag of a united Iraq"
  24. "Community tension could worsen"
  25. The flag has been banned since federal forces took control of Kirkuk
  26. One admitted to participating in fighting against Iraqi Security Forces in Nineveh
  27. "it will positively impact relations between the KRG and the Iraqi forces
  28. Around 10 Yezidis held by ISIS in Sousa in Deir ez-Zor are pleading for help by phone
  29. PM Barzani called on Lahur Talabany and Ismat Argushito "immediately" release Rostam and Waisi
  30. The parties blame one another for the delay
  31. News of casualties and the extent of the damage are currently unknown
  32. In the bird market of Erbil you can find many kinds of birds to buy for their meat.