Rudaw in English

  1. “My brother joined Iraqi Army in 1979
  2. Importing Iranian goods to the Kurdistan Region is on the rise
  3. "The residents also ask for their return,"
  4. “Our leadership was asked to postpone the referendum because if the Iraqi government did not accept discussions
  5. “A promise was made for the local government to refill the 33 positions that are Gorran's share
  6. The 'Capital of Peace' is a step closer to becoming a fully-fledged province
  7. "Baath party laws have returned to Kirkuk"
  8. "I found this conference to be very important and God willing our genocide will get recognized
  9. He posits that this is anti-Kurd campaign
  10. IHCHR teams found IDPs "suffering from a shortage of food and medicines"
  11. "Protection of the victims of ISIS war and the survivors, especially Yezidis and Christians
  12. The party secured four seats in Iraq's May 12 parliamentary election
  13. "They will in the coming days reunite with their family in the Kurdistan Region"
  14. The family had fled Tuz Khurmatu
  15. Leaders from 52 countries have been invited
  16. UNAMI: Baghdad and Erbil are improving their capacity to manage water in a sustainable manner
  17. Turkey and Iran are separately fighting armed Kurdish groups
  18. Special camps have been established – mostly for their protection
  19. There are 100,000 KRG registered martyrs whose relatives receive a pension
  20. "We are ready"
  21. "This recount was to conceal and pass the huge rigging"
  22. "The Kurds are an essential part of Iraqi politics
  23. Training focused on controlling protests and protecting diplomatic missions
  24. "they will face difficulties on the election date
  25. Barzani congratulated Wolf on her new post and wished success for her
  26. "We see the situation here improving day after day,"
  27. Barzani thanked the Dutch government particularly for reform of the Peshmerga ministry
  28. "No talk of postponing elections by Mr. Brett McGurk with us has happened"
  29. "Should we see ourselves as being so inferior as to wait for someone to advise us?"
  30. “We have no source of income, no salary, no house”
  31. "I call on the Turkish government to no longer punish the people of Sulaimani"
  32. "Their sleeper cells started to move around in Baaj after this activity"
  33. "The people got tired of Iraq’s circumstances"
  34. "Frankly everyone wants it postponed, but no one dares to say it
  35. Turkish airspace has been closed to Sulaimani airport since September