Rudaw in English

  1. “All those who demand the lands from us have already been compensated according to Article 140
  2. 'We reject it,' said four dissenting commission members
  3. Coalition government expected as KDP wins 45 seats – 12 short of a majority
  4. “All the options are open before Gorran”
  5. "The situation is unstable"
  6. The bombings have sparked fires, fear: local mayor
  7. KIU saw its worst election result in 15 years
  8. Halabja is famous for its pomegranates, hanar in Kurdish
  9. "We assure teachers that we won’t vacate this office"
  10. PUK and KDP fall out over the presidency threatens other posts
  11. They were arrested for stealing and smuggling oil
  12. Proposed Seyf-Ahmadawa crossing would be 53km NW of Sulaimani
  13. It is clean water and we are connecting it to Duhok province’s water networks
  14. We call on media outlets, typically al-Sharqiya TV, to work in line with media etiquette and make truth
  15. The two prime ministers are at the ends of their respective terms
  16. "Nearly 40 percent of the loss of forests happened in the past five years"
  17. Canada is an active member of the global coalition against ISIS
  18. The Kurdish canton was taken over by Turkey and its Syrian proxies in March
  19. “The destruction is massive and the support isn’t cutting it”
  20. Kurdish and German archaeologists have uncovered 5,000 years of history
  21. ‘I would like to put things as they are. This is a partisan issue.’
  22. A Kurdish-German team is digging up the site in Duhok province
  23. Ministry and Dana Gas are putting more natural gas into the system
  24. It took more than 70 security units to arrest Adhem Jumaa.
  25. "I am concerned by the growing level of intolerance, fear, and populism that has driven political agendas globally
  26. Sullivan met with top Iraqi officials on Sunday during his three-day visit
  27. Eight bodies will be transferred on Monday back to Shingal, including seven to Kocho
  28. “We and the KDP as two big parties should engage in serious negotiations in order to form the government
  29. Starting on Sunday, 228 disputed ballot boxes will be counted by a special committee
  30. Thousands of students did not achieve the minimum grades
  31. "The most godless nation in the world is the Kurdish"
  32. These fields at the Kurdistan Region universities have be at much more advanced levels
  33. "One of the main demands we raise will be for the removal of the two customs points connecting Kirkuk to the Kurdistan Region
  34. The governors of Erbil and Urmia will meet,
  35. Some blamed the KRG, accusing it of 'leadership failure'
  36. 'We never take these personally. Politics is politics,' said Talabani
  37. Only one woman from Zakho survived