Rudaw in English

  1. "This is similar to the atmosphere of Eid before we were displaced"
  2. "She prayed that God may help my children"
  3. "We have had no losses in these attacks"
  4. It's time to compromise for the sake of the nation, say people on the streets
  5. Jabar Osman Said, 19, drowned trying to save Zahra Hashim
  6. The election is scheduled for September 30
  7. KRG places great importance on ties with Iran, said Safeen Dizayee
  8. They cannot go back and cannot move forward
  9. “The PUK deems all the changes made during this period illegal
  10. PKK has denied reports of recent casualties
  11. Kurdish parties divided over how to extract Iraq from political morass
  12. The strikes 'created fear among the residents'
  13. "I hope you will spend a lovely Eid
  14. The deadline for applications is August 1.
  15. 'All of us inside the camp are like one family'
  16. “The demand of the Kakais is the demand of the people of Kurdistan
  17. "We thought that the government should have come to the session
  18. "the start of a political roadmap to put an end to the political deadlock,
  19. The new record will be based on food ration forms
  20. Turkey claimed to destroy 12 PKK targets in overnight airstrikes
  21. “The opposition and the rulers are two types of small and big mafia”
  22. Kurdish parliamentary elections are scheduled for September 30
  23. "the bill will be passed
  24. “The name of one of the abductees is Farha
  25. Kurdish university exam authorities fail to cater for blind applicants
  26. "we warmly congratulate the Muslims of Kurdistan
  27. CDJ doesn't support annulling Peshmerga vote
  28. KRG: Both sides reiterated the unity of all parties
  29. "Iran is holding more water every day"
  30. "Nobody’s rights must be confiscated"
  31. ‘If there is rain for us in winter, we can collect enough for our needs’
  32. Four of her sisters are still held captive by ISIS
  33. Canada is now working to set conditions so IDPs can return to Mosul