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  1. The Camp Fire in the north of the US state has now surpassed the 1933 Griffith Park disaster.
  2. The violence is among the worst since 2014 and follows a covert Israeli mission exposed on Sunday.
  3. James Gargasoulas drove his car into pedestrians in Melbourne, killing six and injuring 27 others.
  4. An armed private security guard was killed by police after he detained a gunman, witnesses say.
  5. The Mexican cartel leader's trial in New York is to start amid huge security measures in New York.
  6. Kyrsten Sinema becomes the US southern state's first Democratic senator since 1994.
  7. A French woman has gone on trial accused of harming the child she kept in the boot of her car.
  8. Lee, the brains behind Spider-Man, Black Panther and X-Men, has died in California, his family says.
  9. The group says it is profoundly dismayed by the former icon's lack of action on the Rohingya crisis.
  10. Canada's prime minister says it has listened to a purported recording of the Saudi writer's killing.
  11. Amid narrowing margins in Florida's senate and governor races, Donald Trump says recounts should end.
  12. The dormitory's doors were padlocked and dozens of people were trapped inside, officials say.
  13. How the writer, who has died aged 95, came to create the iconic characters of the Marvel universe.
  14. The man behind many Marvel Comics superheroes explains how he came up with the iconic character.
  15. Somalia is one of the most dangerous places for journalists, with nearly 40 killed in the past decade.
  16. The death toll in California is rising as fires burn across the northern and southern parts of the state.
  17. Frankie McCamley looks at the psychology, the history and the popular culture around people with body hair.
  18. Kim Kardashian and Scarlett Johanssen were among those who paid tribute to those affected.
  19. Around 250,000 people have been forced to evacuate so far.
  20. Comedian Dave Chappelle photobombs a young, American couple's engagement photoshoot.
  21. A now-extinct monkey from Jamaica had South American roots, according to new DNA evidence.
  22. Woody and Buzz are back in the first Toy Story 4 trailer, alongside a spork having an identity crisis.
  23. Dutch windmill owners ask tourists to limit their numbers.
  24. Beavers fight back after Moscow developers destroy their habitat.
  25. A Kazakh pensioner comes home two months after his funeral.
  26. Hundreds of thousands of people have fled wildfires in California - here are some of their stories
  27. How supporters of the late Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos have been exploiting social media to spread fake news as his family stages a political comeback.
  28. Scientists hope artificial intelligence will gives us more insights into bee health and behaviour.
  29. The National Rifle Association told doctors to "stay in their lane" after a report on gun violence.
  30. These coins both endangered and saved Optatius Buyssens's life, as he fought as a soldier during World War One
  31. Stan Lee was the man responsible for a string of comic superheroes that have become household names.