Rudaw in English

  1. Photo Credit: UNAMI / Harith Al-Obaidi
  2. "We don’t want a broad-based government or a government formed by two parties"
  3. “Joblessness is the biggest obstacle the refugees face here”
  4. The customs borders harmed Kurdish business
  5. The agency will mimic the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  6. "We do not sell the leaders of our revolution"
  7. "Peace descended and respite replaced the ravages of the First World War. Our nation and Commonwealth uphold that moment ever since through remembrance ceremonies like this
  8. "Villagers are even unable to enter because of fear of shelling"
  9. Kurdish MPs hope to get equal pensions in 2019 draft budget
  10. “The stork is a very, very honorable bird.
  11. There was material damage but no casualties
  12. Even in economic terms, the people of Garmiyan haven't benefited from it that much in terms of development of some projects aimed at preserving the environment
  13. Nine Kurds and six people with Kenyan passports have been arrested
  14. The PUK is also perusing efforts to appoint a Kurdish governor in return for a major concession.
  15. 'At night, ISIS controls all the villages at the base of Mount Qarachogh'
  16. 'This is our heritage and history that is now selling in the world's auction'
  17. Trees and wildlife have been left unprotected
  18. Mr. Nechirvan is a prominent candidate of not only the KDP — I imagine for other forces as well, and even among the populace
  19. Gorran lost half its seats in the KRG election on September 30
  20. Gorran weighs participating in KRG or not
  21. "Those who had joined the CDJ and come from the PUK prefer to dismantle the CDJ
  22. "Tracked security incidents from October signal a reemergence of VBIED-based attacks in Kirkuk and Mosul
  23. KDP-PUK are in a 'Catholic marriage' with no separation allowed
  24. A truck triggered the roadside bomb
  25. 'We are trying to finish everything in a month,' said chief engineer
  26. Former parliament is considered most dysfunctional in its history
  27. “But on early Saturday the corpse of Fahmi Salih was found
  28. Gov. Jabouri says it is politicians causing the problems, not the people
  29. Nov 2 is Int'l Day to End Impunity for Crimes Against Journalists
  30. Windows are shattered and villagers find shrapnel in their yards
  31. A group of Arabs tried to force Kurdish villagers out of their home
  32. “Whatever side decides to take part in the government must pledge or strike a deal with us that they must continue on with us during the crises
  33. "As Kurds, we want to be a part of this tournament. We have two targets: First we can play rugby there, and second we can promote Kurdistan towards international people
  34. “We have no authority. We haven’t had anyone since October 16 events, but these Arabs have security forces