Rudaw in English

  1. Kurdish new year is March 21
  2. “We shouldn’t be only onlookers.
  3. Evidence gathered in Kocho may feed into a criminal trial
  4. Nature has bestowed on Halabja stunning beauty.
  5. She has lost six brothers, two sisters-in-law and a 12-year-old niece
  6. They will start with new flight route commencing on Newroz
  7. It is Mullah Mustafa Barzani's 116th birthday
  8. Khalil Mohammed was one of Halabja's missing children
  9. "Kurds have suffered from chemical attacks such as Halabja and the ISIS war"
  10. KDP and PUK are still discussing sharing government posts
  11. Iraq's polygamy law is more lenient than Kurdistan's
  12. "The five remaining detainees including Sherwan Sherwani were also recently released on bail
  13. Azadi and Newroz festival marks the 28th anniversary of Erbil uprising
  14. The number of ISIS members in SDF custody grows by the day
  15. KDP: We are waiting for the PUK to decide on its candidates.
  16. 14 parliamentary committees were established on Sunday
  17. March 10 is Traditional Clothing Day
  18. "Children are the future of any homeland"
  19. PUK is ready for talks, but Gorran is hesitant
  20. Rights monitor reported KRG, Iraq have tortured children ISIS suspects
  21. Locals say IRGC have temporarily detained shepherds, sheep
  22. "March is the month of success and the plights of the Kurdistan nation.
  23. "Individuals can’t further their careers through attacking the courts"
  24. Agreement could finally pave the way for establishing new regional government
  25. On Sunday, Abdulwahid was being held at Salam Base’s prison in Sulaimani initially for 24 hours
  26. The politburos of the Kurdistan Region’s two biggest parties are due to meet Monday