Rudaw in English

  1. More than 10,000 Peshmerga were wounded during the four-year war with ISIS
  2. KRG pays 75% of the $162 million monthly costs for IDPs
  3. The PUK says it is also ready to sign
  4. New Generation no longer enjoys collective decision making,' allege MPs
  5. The legal age of marriage is 18
  6. Some are worried diesel prices may spike because of the crackdown on unregulated refineries
  7. Iraq parliament speaker calls for return of IDPs prior to steps toward implementation of Article 140
  8. The KRG ordered a crackdown on polluting, illegal refineries
  9. ‘We have no other option besides reaching agreement,’ said PUK’s Qubad Talabani
  10. Militants are making friendly overtures to villagers in broad daylight
  11. The decision was made after Iran's consul general met PM Barzani
  12. In 2-3 years, recycling plants should be operating across the Region
  13. The Kurdistan Region is playing catch up on environmental issues
  14. Chwarshama Sur (Red Wednesday) is first day of Yezidi new year
  15. Of 298.5 billion dinars lost, almost 5.4 billion dinars has been recuperated
  16. Can the KDP reconcile its separate deals with the PUK and Gorran?
  17. "This crime is a war crime and genocide"
  18. “Today, humanity's conscience feels ashamed toward this big crime
  19. "Initial indications have shown that it contains the honorable Anfal [victims] of Kurdistan"
  20. “This is a moral and historical responsibility”
  21. there have been more than 300 shellings since last year
  22. Tehran and Baghdad agreed last month to waive visa fees
  23. Snitchers are invited to report violators
  24. "The suspect confessed before the investigating judge that he had joined the Daesh terrorist organization in Kirkuk
  25. Peshmerga Ministry credits improved ties with Baghdad for the decision
  26. Turkey said on Monday they targeted PKK positions, destroying some weapons' positions and shelters
  27. Peshmerga are allocated 68bn dinars monthly from the Iraqi army’s budget
  28. ‘The damage is estimated to be around $50,000 to $60,000’
  29. "We have a fertile soil and good resources for economic development"
  30. Dozens of Muslims seized by ISIS are still missing
  31. “This has led to a vacuum and hampers appropriately managing the affairs of the citizens
  32. "Due to neglecting the project, part of it has collapsed."
  33. Sulaimani Asayesh arrested 8 it accused of being ISIS members