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  1. The drones and missiles that targeted oil facilities were fired from southern Iran, a US official says.
  2. One of the attacks was on an election rally where President Ashraf Ghani was due to speak.
  3. A former military chief is seeking to unseat Israel's prime minister in a race too close to call.
  4. Michael Jackson's estate hits out over Leaving Neverland's Emmy Award for best documentary.
  5. The prime minister's remarks come after the arrest of senior RCMP intelligence official last week.
  6. Paul Whelan, also a UK citizen, tells the BBC a Russian friend put a flash drive in his pocket in 2018.
  7. Javier Burillo is accused of being drunk while operating a boat that hit and killed his 11-year-old.
  8. A major research centre says no biological agents have been released from a blast and fire at a lab.
  9. Amid ongoing protests the government contacted eight PR firms, but all of them turned down the job.
  10. A man, 45, kills his ex-wife, mother-in-law and sister-in-law in front of the couple's children.
  11. Police try to move some 1,000 people from a gym and tent camp near Dunkirk.
  12. She is the only female late night host on the big four US networks.
  13. The Republic of Ireland argues it should not have to recover €13bn of unpaid taxes from Apple.
  14. An envoy expresses the country's "sincerest apologies" following a wave of violence targeting foreigners.
  15. How a controversial extradition bill with China sparked months of violent protest.
  16. Allegations of corruption linked to a justice minister have renewed a traditional form of protest.
  17. Is the creature in the Yangtze a monster, a snake - or something less animated altogether?
  18. A steel plant in Taranto moves to tackle pollution, but locals say it is too little, too late.
  19. Russia likes to boast of its robots - but some of them are not quite what they seem.
  20. More than 640 million barrels of oil are currently sitting in caves under Texas and Louisiana. Why?
  21. A new art show brings the influential noughties New York post-punk scene to life in all its filthy glory.
  22. Five things that matter about Israel's second election in just five months.
  23. The BBC's Jeremy Bowen looks at the election campaign of Israel's longest-serving prime minister.
  24. The Bangladeshi stall owner finds a wallet in a Rome street and makes it his mission to return it.
  25. The grieving widow's fortunes have always revealed much about how power really works in Zimbabwe.
  26. Shinjiro Koizumi, 38, keeps grabbing the headlines. Does he have his eyes on the country's top job?
  27. Malawian sex workers share the stories of their struggles to access healthcare.
  28. A smoky haze has blanketed the region, an annual phenomenon that affects millions of people.
  29. Conflicting narratives around controversial deaths have raised tensions further in the region.
  30. A pyrotechnic mishap caused the fire before a Tennessee Titans and Indianapolis Colts game.
  31. US whistle-blower Edward Snowden said he won't get a fair trial if he returns home to the US.
  32. Jenna Evans was instructed by "villains" during a dream to swallow her engagement ring.
  33. American woman Sarah Thomas has become the first person to swim the English Channel four times non-stop.
  34. Seida Guadu performs an emergency Caesarean to try to save the lives of a baby and his mother.