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  1. Results suggest mainstream parties have lost ground to smaller green, liberal and far-right parties.
  2. The three men were found guilty of joining the militant group.
  3. On a state visit to Japan, the US president put himself at odds with his hosts and his own advisers.
  4. An official advises Jews against wearing traditional skullcaps following a rise in anti-Semitism.
  5. Aerial footage shows the aftermath of a tornado which caused at least two deaths in El Reno.
  6. The department of tourism said other factors such as weather conditions were involved.
  7. A 29-year-old man died when two yachts collided off the coast of Cannes, France.
  8. Prem Tinsulanonda, 98, is remembered as one of the most influential figures in modern Thai politics.
  9. The twin blasts also injured seven others, police say, but the cause is not yet clear.
  10. A hiker who was found alive more than two weeks after she went missing on Maui, Hawaii, speaks from hospital.
  11. The man who ran a jail where suspected separatists were reportedly tortured is captured in Somalia.
  12. A huge rock slide caused an enormous trench in the road in Colorado, making it impassable.
  13. Government and opposition delegates are returning to Norway to try to resolve the political crisis.
  14. First results are due on Sunday evening in a vote where nationalists seek to change the balance of power.
  15. Peter O'Neill stands down after a series of defections from his government to the opposition.
  16. Ali Dorani fled Iran only to find himself trapped in the controversial Manus Island detention camp.
  17. Images from Tokyo where the US president witnessed traditional Japanese wrestling on his four-day visit.
  18. Will the traditional powers hold on to a slim majority, or will the far right make gains the gains they hope for?
  19. Will Africa's governments and consumers have to choose between using US and Chinese technology?
  20. Improperly installed beach umbrellas have sent more than 30,000 people to US hospitals in a decade.
  21. With an even bigger electoral mandate, India's new government is in a position to push ahead with reforms.
  22. A Kenyan campaigner says he won't be deterred by a court ruling that upheld a ban on gay sex.
  23. Romanians living abroad faced long queues at polling stations to cast votes in the European Parliament election and a national referendum.
  24. A night shift in the hospital on the frontline of the fight against malaria.
  25. A veterinarian in Thailand stepped in to help a woman give birth on the side of the road in Bangkok.
  26. President Trump attended the Summer Grand Sumo Tournament as part of his trip to Japan.
  27. Jeddah Running Community is one of a growing number of mixed gender Saudi Arabian running groups.
  28. Ita O'Brien is the BBC's first "intimacy director" and has worked on new BBC drama Gentleman Jack.
  29. The California firm launches the first spacecraft in its multi-billion-dollar broadband project.
  30. Liat Malka was 35 and single when she decided she wanted a child. The sperm donor she found had died five years previously.
  31. Parco Saraceno was built in the 1960s as a luxury resort - but didn't have planning permission.
  32. Robyn used to drink and smoke marijuana, but says her impending little girl changed her life.