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  1. The BBC's Orla Guerin finds desolate scenes in Lyman, a town Ukraine recaptured from Russia.
  2. Some pro-war Russians are tiring of what they perceive to be an overly cautious military leadership.
  3. Ukraine makes fresh gains in occupied territory annexed by Russia, straining Russian supply lines.
  4. Security forces snatched her corpse before her family could bury her, BBC Persian is told.
  5. Dramatic scenes show teenagers waving headscarves and chanting against clerical authorities.
  6. It is the latest French city to announce the move over human rights in Qatar.
  7. Some Japanese woke to the sound of sirens and warnings to take cover as the missile flew above.
  8. Saudi Arabia will host the Asian Winter Games in 2029 at a mountain resort that is currently being constructed.
  9. The animal was given the nickname "Wile E." after the Warner Brothers character.
  10. One parent describes identifying their child by his entry wristband, as families demand justice.
  11. Bruce Lehrmann is accused of assaulting Brittany Higgins in 2019 in a government minister's office.
  12. 433 people shared the prize money - the most winners for a single draw in the Philippines, reports say.
  13. New strategies aim to end Australia's status as "the mammal extinction capital", its government says.
  14. North Korea has been conducting regular missile tests as part of its weapons development programme.
  15. The former president weighed bombing Mexican drug labs and nearly fired his daughter, a new book claims.
  16. The team will also monitor a colony of gentoo penguins on Goudier Island for five months.
  17. New Calais smuggling networks are making it even harder to stop rising numbers of Channel crossings.
  18. Pakistan's worst floods in years have left millions homeless and lacking clean drinking water.
  19. Little has changed 10 years after the mob killing of four students that shocked Nigeria.
  20. Mani Ratnam's new film is based on what is widely considered to be the greatest-ever novel written in Tamil.
  21. Post-apocalyptic is how one resident describes his city, from which many people have fled.
  22. Capt Ibrahim Traoré is the latest young officer to seize power in France's former colonies in Africa.
  23. Demonstrations are happening following the death of a woman detained by 'morality police'.
  24. At least 125 people died after police fired tear gas at football fans who ran onto the pitch in Java.
  25. Sacheen Littlefeather, a Native American actress and activist, has died aged 75.
  26. BBC Africa Eye goes on a journey with a woman in Kenya, searching for the father she has never known.
  27. The Star Wars legend says Ukraine's president referenced the films when he spoke to him.