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  1. The insurgents are lining up to seize key cities once foreign troops leave, the UN envoy warns.
  2. Rebel forces claim to have seized several towns, which the army has dismissed as "fake news".
  3. Soaring stock markets and property prices help boost the wealth of the wealthy, research suggests.
  4. Experts believe mixed dosing of Covid vaccines could be a good idea but it's too early to say for sure.
  5. The Czech government backs police after a video shows an officer subduing a man by kneeling on his neck.
  6. The annual report ranks 209 cities based on the cost of expenses such as housing, transport and food.
  7. The Church says the bill would stifle Catholic freedoms, but advocates say safeguards are in place.
  8. Nine separatists were jailed over a failed 2017 independence bid, but the pardons are controversial.
  9. Babis Anagnostopoulos wore a bullet-proof vest to court after admitting he suffocated his wife.
  10. The singer said she's "appalled" by a clip which has been shared recently on TikTok.
  11. Hundreds of inmates are relocated as New South Wales grapples with exploding numbers of mice.
  12. Haneen Hossam appealed for clemency after being sentenced to 10 years in jail for human trafficking.
  13. It is the first African country to get money for reducing carbon emissions through forest protection.
  14. China made a public pledge to help find Kalbinur Tursan's children but she may never see them again.
  15. How a British man's dreams of a future with his Ukrainian fiancee ended in financial disaster.
  16. With the Olympics starting in July, Covid cases are coming down from a peak in May.
  17. Covid battered an already sluggish economy, weakened by poor growth, job losses and stagnant exports.
  18. Eva Schloss has accepted Austrian citizenship, more than 80 years after she fled the country. Why?
  19. By manipulating genes scientists say they can create better-tasting produce, but is it necessary?
  20. Learn what's at stake as voters head to the polls to choose a new leader for New York City.
  21. Monasteries in India's Himalayan state of Sikkim have been especially vulnerable to Covid-19.
  22. Some South Korean families are abandoning Seoul and swapping megacity isolation for rural village life.
  23. The US Navy conducted a 'Full Ship Shock Trial' against its aircraft carrier, the USS Gerald R. Ford.
  24. Thousands of athletes will be living together for several weeks - how will they be kept safe?
  25. From surviving World War Two to becoming a hit on TikTok, Belgrade Zoo star Muja has been through a lot.