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  1. More than 40 people are alleged to have died as a result of Greek coastguard actions, BBC analysis reveals.
  2. Public transport, cafes and supermarkets are now off limits to men trying to avoid being enlisted.
  3. Russia's president is due to meet Kim Jong Un next week, his first visit to North Korea since 2000.
  4. The Australian reporter - jailed in China for three years - was attending a bilateral event in Canberra.
  5. MK says it will lead the resistance to the "unholy alliance" of the ANC and the Democratic Alliance.
  6. Russia accuses the Wall Street Journal reporter of collecting "secret information" on behalf of the CIA.
  7. Nikhil Gupta is charged with trying to hire a hitman to assassinate US citizen Gurpatwant Singh Pannun.
  8. About 400 tonnes of oil has washed onto the city-state's southern shores after a shipping crash.
  9. The announcement of a "local, tactical pause" in fighting triggered a furious response from far-right ministers.
  10. During a visit to Adelaide Zoo, China's Premier Li Qiang gets into a bit of panda diplomacy.
  11. News avoidance is now at record high levels, the Reuters Institute's 2024 Digital News Report says.
  12. The accident occurred when a good train rammed into a stationary passenger train in West Bengal state.
  13. Jordan's foreign ministry said its nationals had died "after suffering sun stroke due to the extreme heatwave".
  14. Police say they shot and injured the man, ahead of a Euro 2024 match between the Netherlands and Poland.
  15. The man, who police say made threats with a pickaxe and an "incendiary device", was seriously injured.
  16. Researchers found the Quest, the ship where Shackleton died in 1922, 390m deep off Newfoundland and Labrador.
  17. The vessels are expected to stay in the island during the weekend as part of a military drill in the Caribbean.
  18. Video shows plumes of smoke billowing into the air, as a fire engulfs a warehouse building.
  19. Eugenia and Michael Kozlov gave an emotional account of how they heard the news that their son was free.
  20. Experts believe they've found the remains of a small jet that mysteriously vanished more than fifty years ago.
  21. As jurors start to deliberate, Bernd Debusmann Jr reports from court on what is at stake for the president's son.
  22. A private helicopter pilot spotted the word spelled out with rocks and alerted the authorities.
  23. French President Emmanuel Macron calls snap elections in the wake of European election results.
  24. Chaotic scenes took place at a rodeo in Sisters, Oregon, when an escaping bull leaped into the event's grounds.
  25. Jordan Bardella's rise has been meteoric after being spotted by Marine Le Pen
  26. Ukraine aimed to seize the initiative through diplomacy - with some success, says the BBC's Sarah Rainsford.
  27. A Spanish filmmaker turned the cameras on herself and made a "sextortion diary" after being blackmailed.
  28. Spain is looking at storing electricity or increasing demand to solve electricity oversupply.
  29. The DJ's father Klas on his son's legacy and family's mission to raise mental health awareness.
  30. A Kenyan farmer has caught the eye of climate change deniers worldwide. But what is driving him?